Federal Skilled Worker
If you are looking at working & settling in Canada -- Federal Skilled Worker Program would be an  ideal option for you.

Federal Skilled Worker

The aspirant must attain at least 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) immigration selection factors:

Language Proficiency
Work Experience
Arranged Employment


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You may qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker program if you meet the following criteria:
·  You have at least one year of experience in one of the 29 qualifying occupations on the Priority Occupation List continuously for a period of at least one year, within the last ten years, as per the recent immigration policy introduced on 26th June 2010.
·  You have Arranged Employment i.e. full-time permanent job offer from a reputed Canadian employer approved by Services Canada..
·  You submit the language proficiency test  IELTS results at the time of filing your  application.


Quebec Skilled Worker

The Province of Quebec works on different selection criteria for people who wish to settle in Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Quebec Skilled Worker

The Province of Quebec works on different selection criteria for people who wish to settle in Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

In Quebec Immigration selection system you need to obtain Quebec Selection Certificate and you need to earn a minimum 49 points (individual) or 57 points (principal applicant with spouse or common law partner ) to be eligible for the certification.

The Quebec Immigration point Grid selection factors may be summarized as follows :

Selection Parameter

Points required


Up to 28 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points)

Validated Employment Offer

Up to 10 points


Up to 8 points


Up to 16 points

Language Proficiency,

Up to 22 points

Stay and Family in Quebec

Up to 8 points

Spouse's Characteristics

Up to 16 points


Up to 8 points

Financial Self-Sufficiency

1 point (Cutoff Score = 1)

In case you earn 6 extra points for adaptability, your minimum score must be 55 points (individual application) or minimum 63 points (principal applicant with spouse or common law partner).

After you obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate, you need to clear the medical and security examination as per the norms laid down by the federal immigration authorities for you to be able to get Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

Quebec Skilled Workers / Professionals are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada acknowledges the selection of applicants who meet Quebec immigration selection criteria.

Processing Times
Quebec Skilled Workers/Professionals Processing Times vary from one Visa Officer to another.


Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is a new immigration category that intends to help Canada’s temporary foreign workers and international graduates in obtaining a Permanent Resident status.This Category is for people who have recent Canadian work experience or have graduated and recently worked in Canada

Temporary foreign workers and international students, who graduated in Canada, are best suited contenders for Canadian immigration (Permanent Residency) under Canadian Experience Class. Since the applicant has recent work experience or has obtained Canadian education, they are already accustomed with Canadian society and culture. It becomes easy for the applicant to establish themselves professionally as well as socially.

Below mentioned are the discrete requirements for these two types of applicants:
I - International Graduates with Canadian Work Experience
We believe in taking a step further by giving you the pathway from Overseas Education to Global Resettlement. You would be having many questions like what next after your education completes.
If you wish to work & settle there, we at CCA would do all the hand holding to make you settle there How we would help you:
• Once you enroll in a course, you get entitled for on-campus part time job during the first 6 months.
• After you complete 6 months there, to find the Off-Campus Work Permit / part time job & CCA counselor would guide you on your Job Interview.
• After completion of your course, you can get open Graduate Work Permit with excellent opportunity to earn International Education & Work Experience.
• You can also apply for extension of Work Permits if it is  required.
• On Completion of your studies , when you become eligible, finding the job offer in the field of study.
After obtaining  work experience and as per the  immigration provisions CCA counselor will help to file your Permanent Residency Application.

II - Temporary Foreign Workers
Applicants must fulfill the following minimum requirements.
They must have:
• at least two years full-time (or equivalent) Skilled Work Experience in Canada
• Have gained the experience in Canada with the proper work authorization
• Applying while working in Canada or within one year of leaving your job in Canada.

During the application process, applicants are allowed live in Canada.


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While at CIVC was doing my nanny course I worked part time as a librarian, this on campus job helped me a lot to complete my course. Up the CIVC flag now I am living happily in Australia with my spouse.



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