Why one should  study in New Zealand?
New Zealand is a developed country that ranks high in international comparisons in
many  ways, including education and  economic freedom, and low corruption.
Its cities also consistently rank among the world's most livable
What is the official language?
Official language: English and Maori. The medium of instruction is English  in  all
the institutions.
What is the minimum IELTS requirement?
It differs from institution to institution however the minimum requirement is 5.5 bands.
What is the academic entry requirement?
It differs from institution to institution but the minimum is 50% in aggregate.
What are the intakes?
The academic year extends from February to November with many
programs  having a midyear intake in July. The major holiday period
is December to February in all colleges.
What type of institutions are their?
There are universities, Polytechnics and PTEP’s ( Private Tertiary Education Providers)
What is the duration of the program offered?
The programs start with one year up to 4 years duration. There are different
levels for the programs the lowest level for Indian student to start with is Level-5.
What is the currency used and INR equivalent?
New Zealand Dollars ($) (NZD) 1 NZD = 35.29
What are the living expenses?
The general costs of living in New Zealand varies from 10,000 NZ$ to 12,000 NZ$.
What type of accommodation is available for the students?
There are a number of options available that students have, it can be on-campus or off-campus such as hostels, rented housing, home stay etc.
Can student do a part time job?
Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during studies and full time during vacations
Can the student  take spouse along with him/her?
Spouse can accompany on visitor visa or student dependent work visa.
Can I take my children as a dependent?
Yes, they can join on visitor visa later on.
Is 15 years previous education is acceptable in NZ?
Yes it is acceptable.
Do I have to go for any Medical Test?
Yes before submitting your visa application.
Do I have to get a Police clearance Certificate?
Yes if you are applying for a course more than one year duration.
Is there any admission application fee?
Do I have to pay tuition fee before the visa?
No, only after receiving AIP (approval in principal) from the NZHC.

What is the range of the course fee for UG and PG?

On an Average the Tuition fees starts from 10,000 NZ$ per annum for Undergraduate programs and from 15,000 NZ$ per annum for Post Graduate programs.


Universities & Colleges


The country offers world class education coupled with great opportunities. CCA Mohali can help you in getting admission  in several important  universities and colleges of New Zealand. For example-:
1 Wiairriki
2 Bay of  Plenty
3 Sir Seymour college of Tour & Travel
4 Royal Business college
5 Nelson Instt of Technology
6 Pub & Bar Restaurant college
7 Queens College
8 Taratahi Agriculture, Sheep &  Dairy Farming college


1 February, April, May, June,  July, August and Septmber


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