Study Visa, Australia

Admission Requirements for Students to study in Australia
all students are required to obtain a student authorization and visa before proceeding to Australia for their studies. Admission to an institution does not guarantee the issuance of student's visa.

International University degrees are offered at three consecutive levels - Bachelor, Master and Doctoral. Some universities also offer diploma and certificate courses, which require one or two years of study in a specific field or discipline.

Students must meet the requirement of the immigration Acts and Regulations of Australia and must satisfy the visa officer that he is a genuine student.

After registration with CCA Mohali (immigration & education Consultants), we apply on student’s behalf to various colleges and universities of Australia. On getting the acceptance letter from the /college /university, the student is required to submit the documents for the visa process.

All the universities and colleges require certified copies of documents and academic records. Students have to provide a proof  of English ability (IELTS Certificate) and must obtain bands required for the course of study. These scores may vary for different colleges and universities


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While at CIVC was doing my nanny course I worked part time as a librarian, this on campus job helped me a lot to complete my course. Up the CIVC flag now I am living happily in Australia with my spouse.



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