Hair dressing and Saloon management course

The diploma course  in Hairdressing is designed for individuals who have completed secondary education (+2), and wish to further their career options by achieving advanced level qualifications through specialist competencies. Leadership and problem solving skills are further enhanced to include identification, analysis, and development of contemporary industry practices and trends, as well as comprehensive salon planning and supervision. This qualification not only increases knowledge, but also teaches acquisition and development of new skills that add greater scope to the practitioner’s career opportunities in specialized venues such as film and television studios, professional photographic studios, stage and performance venues, and bridal markets.

This diploma represents the ultimate in Hair Design and Salon Management. Whether you are a hairdresser, a beautician, receptionist or a manager, salon management course is capable to serve your skill needs.


The diploma focuses on the technical, methodological, client service, comprehensive planning, employee coordination, and administration aspects with regard to the complexities of Hair Design and Salon Management. Students endeavoring to enter in to saloon management career or own a salon are encouraged to complete this program.


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While at CIVC was doing my nanny course I worked part time as a librarian, this on campus job helped me a lot to complete my course. Up the CIVC flag now I am living happily in Australia with my spouse.



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