While we welcome your partner to New Zealand, you must be eligible to support him or her, and your partner will need to meet a number of requirements before they can apply for residence under the Family Partnership Category.
To support your partner's residence application you must:

  • provide evidence of your immigration status., and
  • if you are aged 17 or over, attach police certificate from any country (except for New Zealand) in which you have lived 12 months or more in the 7 years before the application is made.

You must show that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made. Your partner must:

  • be eligible to support your application under our Partnership category within 12 months of your intended date of arrival in New Zealand
  • meet the character requirement for partnership based application.
  • intend to be in New Zealand for the period you apply for in your application
  • .

If you have been in this relationship for a year or more, we may grant you a work visa that allows you to stay for up to a maximum of two years.

If you have been in this relationship for less than a year, initially we can only grant you a work visa for up to 12 months. Once you are here, you can apply for further work visas for a total stay of up to two years from your arrival, if:

  • you and your partner want to stay longer in New Zealand and can show us that you are still in a genuine and stable relationship, or you apply for residence as a partner.
  • If you need more information fill the form in this website or visit CCA office nearest to your place
  • or Call our help line Nos. +91 977 955 3322. OR +91 977 975 6644

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While at CIVC was doing my nanny course I worked part time as a librarian, this on campus job helped me a lot to complete my course. Up the CIVC flag now I am living happily in Australia with my spouse.



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